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Welcome to Games By FSUEdit

Welcome to the games by Final Station Underground wikia. FSU is a collaberation of five college students attending Pennsylvania State University, Capital College.

Video GamesEdit

This wikia is to inform readers about the pleasure and importance of playing video games. Specifically in this wikia we will discuss Counter Strike, one of the most played first person shooters to be made, FIFA ,a franchise by EA sports which brings the game of soccer to your living room, Call of Duty, the top selling modern war first person shoot of 2011, Battlefield 3, one of the most realistic first person shooter to be made to date, and Halo, xbox's signature shooting game.

Each of these games has something unique to offer and we are here to show you that they are all amazing games that should be played the first chance you get. The basic behind informing the readers is not to tell which game is better and why but instead to offer the knowledge that the reader needs to make an informed decision on which game is best for them based off of their own personal wants and needs of a game. We are not here to tell you which game to buy but details of the game so you know which one you might like. Although we might be bias at times in our articles we are all avide gameplayers who are passionate about our games. As gameplayer we greatly appreciate the developers and other players of each game. If in any of these articles we state an opinion that the developers or other players do not like, please do not take it personally as our articles are based mainly off of personal experience.